Social Media has exploded over the past few years and shows no signs of slowing down. Using my Content Management System I'm able to add Facebook and / or Twitter integration where it's needed. A "like box" for Facebook as seen on Mark Rose's site is shown to the right. The box shows Mark's updates from Facebook as soon as he posts them. So not only does his Facebook page get updated, his website does at the same time too. A similar system can be implemented with Twitter, showing updates when they're posted as well.

Twitter Feeds can be added to a site as well, as shown by Randy Haynes' Twitter module to the right.

More Facebook integration can be seen on Jason Christie's site. Facebook, Twitter and Google plus buttons have been added to each article, making it easy for a website user to instantly like or share the article on the corresponding site. There's also a comment box for a user to comment on the story, which also updates on Facebook as it's done.

Mark Rose updates

9ersDesigns on Facebook

Randy Haynes Twitter Feed