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    Home and Community Recreation Therapy

    Home and Community Recreation Therapy is exactly what the name of the company implies.  We are a group of Recreation Therapists that specialize in providing home and community based therapy to people with traumatic physical disabilities.

    Research shows that an active, satisfying lifestyle leads to greater health and happiness and that's especially true for people with disabilities. HCRT incorporates our client's interests, support network, and pre-injury lifestyles to better engage them in therapy and achieve functional improvements.  We provide the tools needed for ongoing success, working toward a lifestyle that is physically active, cognitively engaged, emotionally satisfying, and socially involved.

    Interventions and specializations include:

    • Aquatics therapy and exercise
    • Swim safety skills assessment
    • Community safety evaluation
    • Individualized community fitness transition training
    • Family and aide training
    • Volunteer placement
    • Computer, cell phone and other technology training
    • Education and integration into appropriate community institutions
    • Stress and chronic pain management and relaxation
    • Adaptive leisure skills training including horticulture, music, sports, art and games.
    • Support group
    • Adjustment to new environments


    Clients and their families like HCRT's practical and real life approach to therapybecause we give them back as much of their lives as their disabilities allow.  Physicians know they can expect more successful, functional, durable outcomes.  And as clients become more physically and emotionally fit, they reduce their dependence on medical support and start living their lives again.

    Contact us.  We help.

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