What is the Lake Fork Fishing APP?

The App is fishing "SPOTS!!" I have hundreds of hours on these spots and have chosen these out of many spots I fish. These spots will give you some confidence and help you get a fish in the boat. These spots are not small fish holes ... All the spots are main lake not way up in a creek. One of the first things I learned on Lake Fork is stay out of the shallow water for Big Bass.( except in March and April) I have caught some of my double digit fish on these spots and a few big catfish on these spots. So spend some time on them. The double digit fish I have caught on these spots are one cast off the GPS position I am sharing with you. The videos in the App are from where I made the cast.

The objective of the App is to help you find fish faster and save you valuable time on the water looking for fish!!! You choose the season, water temp and bait selection!

The App was created by a fisherman, to provide new Lake Fork fishermen a place to start fishing when they get to Fork.  The App provides experienced Lake Fork fishermen another fishing spot. The locations have held fish for many years and have produced fish in all seasons. However, what time of year you fish each spot will make a difference!!! Your choice!!

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