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    Bass Boat Technologies is dedicated to creating new innovations for mounting GPS/Sonar units to their Boat Consoles. We think Anglers will look at Console mounted GPS/Sonar units from a totally different mindset than in the past.

         After fishing the FLW Tour for three years as a co-angler and last year as a Professional, I rode in many different boats.  All of the anglers had the same problems with keeping their Console mounted GPS/Sonar units from moving all over the place in rough water and had to look thru or over their steering wheel to see their in-dash units. My goal was to create a new mounting system that was user friendly, rugged, and looked factory. After many hours of testing, the first Single mount unit was installed on Randall Tharp’s Ranger z520 and my z520 during the 2011/2012 tour season. The Mount performed very well and eliminated the old “Ram” mount system. Each mounting system is custom fitted for each type and size GPS/Sonar unit for that particular console and all mounting systems have an “Anti-vibration system” integrated into the mount. This system performed excellent in big water like Lake Champlain and other rough water lakes.

         I noticed that there were many Anglers that had a 2 unit setup, 1 mounted in the console and 1 on a “ram” mount to the right side of the console. My next goal was to mount 2 units side by side on the console so the angler could see both units above the steering wheel, at the correct viewing angle, providing easy operation of the units. That is when the New Dual Mount system was developed. The new Dual Mount system also has the “Anti-vibration” system for each of the units. The system was developed for the new Ranger Z boats (z117-z522) type consoles and the new Ranger 520C Boat. I started with these because that was the model boats available to me for fitting the units.

         The plans for the future are to develop the “Single” and “Dual” mount system for other brand boats also. The biggest hurdle is locating and being able to use other brand boats for their own custom fitting. I have had many requests to develop mounts for Skeeter, Triton, Legend, and Phoenix Boat brands. I plan to develop these in the near future. This system is not just a “bracket”, but a custom mounting system.

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  • PROvider Tackle


    From the owner, Art Ferguson-

    PROvider Tackle was started in my garage in the Summer of 2005 and is still based in the garage. I wanted a product that was built with my hands to get out to the public with integrity and quality to be most important in the products that I produce.

    I design, manufacturer, paint, assemble, package and sell all the jig based products that are carried by Provider Tackle.

    The name "PROvider Tackle"  was derived through prayer and based on a wonderful scripture in the bible: Philippians 4:19 which reads "My God will use His wonderful riches in Christ Jesus to give you everything you need" (NCV)

    I hope you can appreciate the time and dedication it takes to produce these fine products for your fishing benefit. I believe these lures will help you get more fish in the boat. Many of the top name pros are using these lures (can't share names for they may have other sponsor contracts) and many of the skirt colors on the jigs were made up by these pros sitting around a table at a national event and having them hand pick the colors. You won't find many of them anywhere but here!

    Enjoy! God bless and good fishing,

    Art Ferguson

    Visit site - www.providertackle.com

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